Macon, GA’s Preferred Instructors for GA Defensive Driving Classes & DUI Education Programs

Milledgeville, GA’s Favorite Partner for Defensive Driving Classes & DWI Classes
August 9, 2015
Milledgeville, GA’s Top Partner for Defensive Driving Classes and DUI Defensive Driving Class
August 10, 2015

Macon, GA’s Preferred Instructors for GA Defensive Driving Classes & DUI Education Programs

Macon, GA’s Preferred Instructors for GA Defensive Driving Classes & DUI Education Programs

You Need Support – GA DUI Defensive Driving Understands.

The workers and coaches at Macon, GA’s DUI Defensive Driving School are nonjudgmental, knowledgeable, and well-mannered. Many of our GA defensive driving class mentors have acted with us at DUI Defensive Driving’s location in Milledgeville, GA (or our other 2 office locations – Gray, GA or Eatonton, GA) for over 14 years and are here to walk you through the GA defensive driving class proceedings and disclose any and all related dui classes costs, if required.


Our 6 hour GA defensive driving class is authorized by the Georgia Department of Driver’s Services. Our GA defensive driving class is picture-perfect for ticket dismissals, points and fine reduction, insurance concessions, and license suspension re-establishment. This GA defensive driving class reiterates the fundamental guidelines of the road and covers countless critical Georgia highway bylaws. Our 6 hour GA defensive driving class charge is $95 (Set by Georgia State Command).

DID YOU KNOW? DRUNK DRIVING COSTS THE UNITED STATES $199 BILLION A YEAR. – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Have you been charged with: DUI; Drug Possession; Other drug misdemeanors; Under-age possession of drugs or alcohol? If so, GA State Law compels you to sign up for a DUI Education Programs (approved by the GA Department of Driver’s Services (DDS)) before your state license can be reestablished. Our MACON, GA DUI Education Programs are a GA state-wide dui classes cost of $355 total ($100 Assessment amount + $235 class cost + $20 book charge) and mandate on-time admittance (The DDS policies prohibit untimely admission to any session of the DUI Education Programs. Therefore, we advise you appear no less than ten to fifteen minutes early to each DUI Education Program).

When Life Happens, make us your Favored Instructors when looking for GA defensive driving class or DUI Education Programs in Macon, GA.

Where Can I Sign Up For a Session?
First Step- please verify which class you would like or need to go to. Then, you will have to select a session time to come in for. For a comprehensive schedule of our DUI Education Programs or GA defensive driving class offerings in Macon, GA, please review our locations’ schedule of courses calendar.

What Kind of Payment(s) Do You Take?
Our Macon, GA location will accept Cash, Money Order, MasterCard, Visa and Debit Cards for our DUI Education Programs and GA defensive driving classes.

How Do I get a Certificate of Completion?
Our Macon, GA GA defensive driving classes or DUI Education Programs lecturers will print you a certificate of completion when you finish the course(s). Additional certificates may be acquired here for a fee of $20.00.
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